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Vacation Time: Be aware as end-of-year approaches.

"As we approach the end of the year, many of you may be requesting use of your earned vacation and personal holiday leaves."

We want to remind you of your rights under Article 14 of the Contract. 

Vacation. Vacation credits roll over to the next year unless you hit the cap of 320 hours (or 440 hours for those with over ten years of service) Submit your vacation request, in writing such as email, to your Appropriate Administrator at least 30 days in advance. Do not take vacation without approval.The Appropriate Administrator has to respond in writing, approving or denying, within 14 days or you can escalate it to their manager.The Appropriate Administrator is to consider the operational needs of the campus. If denied, ask for a reason. Conflicting vacation requests are to be settled based on seniority. Once approved, the vacation can only be rescinded for an emergency (not solely operational needs).

Personal Holiday. The Personal Holiday does not rollover to the next calendar year. If not used, it will be forfeited. Scheduling the Personal Holiday is done at the mutual agreement between the employee and the Appropriate Administrator. 

As always, if you encounter any issues or have questions, contact a Steward:

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