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Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Updates

Subject: PERB Order in PERB Decision 2738-H

Sent: by Melanie Chavez 11/16/20

Dear all,

In compliance with the above referenced order, CSUMB is required to post the following for 30 consecutive workdays, therefore it will be posted November 16, 2020 - January 5, 2021.

You may access the posting by clicking here, which will take you to the posting on CSUMB's Legal Postings webpage.

Thank you,



Response from our Labor Relations Representative, Andrew Heller:

Brothers and Sisters of CSUEU,

Attached is a PERB (Public Employee Relations Board) ruling regarding a case that was brought forth regarding IRPs. In this particular case CSU San Marcos refused to provide the Union with information that would allow us to understand how it determined who was going to be receiving an in range progression (IRP) request. PERB's ruling in this case cements the assertion that CSUEU has brought forth on previous cases that the CSU is obligated to provide information to the Union that is necessary and relevant to not only represent our membership, but to understand management's decisions regarding topics related to hours, wages, and working conditions in the CSU. This is a huge win for our brothers and sisters. While it sometimes takes a while to adjudicate these cases, one things remains the same in that we have strength in numbers.

When we fight, we win!

In solidarity,

Andrew Heller

Labor Relations Representative

California State University Employees Union

SEIU Local 2579 / CSEA

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