California State Audit of the CSU

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A highly critical state audit of California State University (CSU) personnel and budget practices was released by the California Bureau of State Audits. This audit determined that the CSU hired campus management positions that were unnecessary and provided generous salaries and benefits to executives that were deemed excessive.

Value Us - Promote From Within

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Article 9 - Employee Status
The CSU is attempting to restrict and devalue our members consideration for promotion and in class progression, as well as eliminating the appeals process and maintains that employees must still serve a probationary period after a reclassification even though the basis for the reclassification was actually performing the duties.
CSUEU is committed to providing a mechanism for our employees to apply and be considered for promotions and to have years of service as a consideration.

Bargaining Team to the CSU Board: Honor the Preamble!

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One by one, each member of the CSUEU bargaining team went to the microphone during public comments at last Tuesday’s CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach to recite the entire staff-affirming preamble that CSUEU had proposed early in contract negotiations—and that CSU management immediately rejected in its entirety.

Management Seeks to Slash Union Rights

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CSU’s Message to Its Employees: No Union, No Voice!

In the second round of contract negotiations, held at CSU East Bay last week, February 28-March 2, management made one thing clear when it rejected CSUEU’s proposed employee rights-centered preamble to the collective bargaining agreement:

They do not want a union, and they do not want us to use our voice!

Union Power Is People Power

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March 15, 2017 in Bargaining, Union News, Updates

BARGAINING UPDATE #4 - March 15, 2017

CSUEU Demands Salary Movement!

With enthusiastic support from members across the Office of the Chancellor, CSUEU put forth a bold proposal to fix the broken compensation system during the third round of CSUEU/CSU contract negotiations, held in Long Beach yesterday, March 14.

Help Wanted

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You can contribute to CSUEU communications! Your Communications Committee needs volunteers to contribute graphic design services and cartoons, along with serving as “social media ambassadors.” For more information, contact Communications Committee Chair Nancy Kobata