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Governor to CSU: Restore Salary Steps

In a recent letter to CSU Chancellor Timothy White, Gov. Gavin Newsom directs the CSU to negotiate in good faith and reach an agreement with the CSU Employees Union to eliminate employee salary inversion and provide salary steps. In his Nov. 5 letter, Gov. Newsom wrote: “The upcoming negotiations should result in an agreement with our labor partners that both erases the inversion gap, provides salary steps, and fairly and justly compensates these staff for their hard work."

“... we must take proper care of the tens of thousands of support staff who represent the backbone of the CSU’s twenty-three campuses. It is my firm belief that addressing this wage inequity is long-overdue and in line with the institution’s values.”

For the first time ever, CSUEU will enter contract negotiations beginning next year with the unprecedented backing and support of the state’s governor.  This is a monumental development that will support CSUEU in our efforts to address employee salary inversion and reinstate salary steps that were unilaterally taken away by the CSU administration more than 20 years ago. The success of our contract negotiations depends directly on our union members’ level of engagement and activism. We must stand together in solidarity and insist that the CSU follow Gov. Newsom’s direction and model his leadership. For all the work that has led us here, read this Q&A. Join CSUEU today in our fight for respect and fair pay.

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