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Did you know? Absences and Leaves

Leaves of Absence (Article 15 & Article 16)

You ARE responsible for reporting all absences.

For absences related to illness, injury or disability related to pregnancy leave:

When notifying your department of absences (chargeable to sick leave), make every effort to notify your supervisor as early as possible. You only need to state you are ill - no other information is required. You are entitled to privacy. CSUEU encourages you NOT to provide specifics regarding your illness/injury, unless required for protected leave as directed by HR. Once you have provided the notification, your department should not be contacting you while you are on leave. You are not obligated to answer your phone if you are on leave.

Note: This excludes On-Call Time (Article 19.20-19.21).

Illnesses and injuries do not only have to be physical. If you cannot adequately perform the functions of your position for a mental, emotional or physical reason, you CAN utilize sick leave. When absent more than 5 days, you may be asked to provide a doctor's note.

However, a doctor’s note is not normally required for absences of 5 days or less; if you are asked for one, you should consult a union steward. Know your rights!

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