Performance Reviews

Submitted by President322 on Tue, 06/08/2010 - 11:55am
Many of you have either already gotten or will soon receive messages from HR about Annual Performance Reviews, including the Self-Appraisal Form.

Attached is a page that has links to the HR website with their policies, procedures, and instructions; a Timeline showing how the process works; and Article 10 from the CSUEU/CSU Contract, that governs the performance evaluation process.

Please note that the self-appraisal is optional;  you do not have to complete it.  It even says right on the form, "This is an optional form used at the discretion of an employee..."  If your supervisor insists on your completing a self-appraisal, please contact a CSUEU Steward immediately.

If the timelines listed in Article 10 are not being followed, i.e. your supervisor suddenly hands you your evaluation and says, "I want that signed by the end of the day because I'm leaving on vacation for two months,"  please contact a CSUEU Steward immediately.