CSU Budget Misses the Mark on Staffing and Health and Safety Programs

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April 13, 2018 in CSU News, Union News

CSU Employees Union is seeking a budget augmentation of $75 million to the 2018-19 CSU budget to protect the health and safety of our employees and students.

As the Union representing more than 15,000 CSU employees, we are seeking additional funding to address the recently documented health and safety failures of the CSU. The funding would directed to infrastructure [labs, stockrooms, etc.] as well as positions affecting biosafety, laboratories, and chemical hygiene.

Why Step Up and Support Step Increases?

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​Message from a member:

For many years at CSUMB, staff received little or zero annual increases. During a budget crisis, we were even asked to give up a day's pay called Furloughs. In addition, we had a hiring freeze in place = someone left, others did their work with no additional pay or hope for a new person. The increases that we've seen in this current contract are great, but we might not see them again.

CSEA FOUNDATION Inc - Scholarship Application

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Scholarship deadline extended

Founded in 1985, the California State Employees Association Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation supported by fundraisers and tax-deductible contributions from SEIU Local 1000, ACSS, CSR Inc., and CSUEU, SEIU Local 2579 members and the public.

In 2017, the Foundation awarded $15,500 in scholarships to dependents and grandchildren of the following qualified California State Employees Association Affiliate members:

Letter Writing Campaign Begins For CSU Employee Salary Steps

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The CSUEU campaign to generate thousands of CSU employee letters to state Senators in support of CSUEU-sponsored AB 1231 starts now! The legislation, authored by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber, to reinstate 5% annual salary step increases for CSU support staff was approved by the state Assembly yet faces a new challenge in the state Senate.

Is writing a letter to your state Senator worth a 5% annual salary increase to you? We hope so...

Labor Arbitration Institute -Collusion

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Conference Reporter --- Collusion

It is the word in the news and there are parallels in the workplace. Two nationally prominent labor arbitrators explained at last month's conference about collusion.

Collusion among Bargaining Unit Members
Employees talk about the incident and what the grievant did. This is human nature. It is also human nature that when we hear a story a certain number of times, we start to believe it. It doesn't matter whether that version is true or not, we believe it because it's been repeated to us so many times.


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What is Cal/OSHA?

California is one of several and health
program according to the provisions of the
Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of
1970. The OSHA Act permits a state to manage
its own occupational safety and health
program's structure if it meets certain federal
requirements. The California program - Cal/
OSHA - is approved by Federal OSHA and is
monitored by and receives part of its funding
from that agency.

Do Your Part to Restore Steps - Assembly to Vote Next Week

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January 18, 2018 in CSUEU E-News, Union News


CSUEU-Sponsored Bill for Salary Steps Heads for Big Vote Next Week!

Another victory for CSUEU! One key fight CSUEU members didn't win at the bargaining table in last year's contract negotiations centered on restoring step increases for all support staff employed by the California State University System.

We vowed we wouldn't stop fighting, and we didn't.

Why Janus v. AFSCME is “an attack on all workers”

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February 26, 2018 in CSU News, Union News

Newsreview.com/Chico. By Marshall Elliott (CSUEU Chico State Chapter President). Organized labor’s struggle to protect workers’ rights has been long-fought in this country and it continues today. On Feb. 26, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Janus v. AFSCME. But the real goal of the lawsuit is to weaken workers’ ability to gain strength in numbers. A living wage, medical benefits, paid sick time and vacation are all in the crosshairs of the rich and powerful. This is an attack on all workers.

Report: Expiring tax increases would leave permanent revenue gap

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March 18, 2016 in Elections, General News, State Budget

The California Budget and Policy Center provides a rundown of a ballot measure that would "extend Proposition 30’s personal income tax (PIT) rate increases on high-income earners, which were approved by voters in 2012."

Keep your eye on this. The proposed "Invest in California's Children Act" ballot measure could be up for a vote in the 2016 election.