CSU Puts Students and Employees at Health and Safety Risk

Submitted by CyndiO on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 12:43pm

June 28, 2018 in Health & Safety

The CSU "Has Not Provided Adequate Oversight of the Safety of Employees and Students Who Work With Hazardous Materials."

Here are some key take-aways. And remember, it's We, Union Members, who are leading the way for change!

Today’s report shows that:

The CSU does not have adequate policies and processes to protect the health and safety of those who work with or near hazardous materials – this includes our student population.
The CSU has repeatedly ignored recommendations and failed to address deficiencies cited by the university auditor.
And it’s not like the CSU did not know about these problems. According to the audit: Despite the fact that many of these deficiencies have remained unresolved for nearly two decades, the Chancellor’s Office has not taken the steps necessary to hold the campuses accountable.
This is why the Auditor is recommending that the CSU establish a system-wide joint safety committee that enables management and staff to work together on safety issues.
Let’s be very clear: The problem is not from lack of funds. The CSU currently is holding - by its own admission - at least $2 billion dollars in outside accounts which could be used to strengthen their health safety programs.