CSUEU Call for Management Accountability Gets a Special Hearing

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August 22, 2017 in Union News

Show your support for CSUEU members who will be speaking out before legislators on Aug. 23! Proudly wear or display your campus logo on Wednesday.

CSUEU members can take proper credit for initiating a state audit of the CSU which raised red flags about excessive executive compensation and an inability to document how state funds are spent.

Now, state legislators will hold a special hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 23 and will hear directly from our member leaders.

Why is this important for CSUEU members? Because our work is always about students and quality education and this audit shows management needs to be on the same page. These past months of bargaining for our contract have shown the CSU needs to show more accountability and transparency with its employees.

Read our press release.

The State Capitol hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23, from 9:30-Noon in Room 447.

Or you can also watch via live webcast at: www.calchannel.com/live-webcast

Have something to say to the legislators but can come in person? Post on Facebook and our member leaders will select the best ones and share at the hearing.

BACKGROUND: How we got here

At the urging of CSUEU, State Auditor Elaine Howle conducted an audit and released her report in April. The audit of the CSU personnel and budget practices raised alarming red flags about the lack of oversight and accountability. From excessive executive compensation to an inability to document how state funds are spent, there are troubling signs that CSU leaders are not putting our students and education first. We hope the spotlight of a special legislative hearing will pressure the CSU management culture to change, starting at the very top.

The audit confirms what we have seen on our campuses. There is no adequate accountability from California’s largest public university system:

unnecessary management positions
excessive salaries and benefits for executives
campus budgets without proper oversight
inability to account for spending state funds
As the state’s largest university system, the CSU is responsible for providing quality education to nearly half a million students a year. Yet according to the audit, CSU campuses “do not adequately oversee their budgets,” which “reduce assurances” that state funds are being spent “efficiently and appropriately.” (Pages 27-30)

Lack of accountability and transparency from CSU management has resulted in management and supervisory positions growing more than twice the rate of support staff. (Page 12)

Lack of accountability and transparency from CSU management has resulted in compensation for management growing to nearly a half-billion dollars a year, far outpacing the salary increases of other staff. (Page 7)

Lack of accountability and transparency from CSU management has resulted in salary increases for management without any performance evaluation, which is a violation of state regulations. (Page 22)

Just as troubling is that in its response, the CSU has failed to address many of the audit’s recommendations, according to the state auditor.

Wednesday’s hearing is just one of many steps we plan to take to ensure CSU students and services are put first.