Bargaining with the CSU -Updates - Long, but please read.

Submitted by CyndiO on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 1:56pm

Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you know, we are currently in bargaining for our new contract since our current one expires on June 30. I felt it was important for all of you to understand the challenges and stakes.

These negotiations have been contentious and difficult. The disrespect combined with the arrogance and condescending attitude exhibited by the Chancellor's office team is unprecedented. Negotiations are normally a series of give and take proposals, with hopefully some agreement clearly in sight. This year, the CSU proposals have been outrageous and a blatant attack on our rights, our members and our union.

The CSU has unilaterally dismissed and denied our right to a respectful workplace, progression through the ranges, moderate salary increases and the opportunity for our members to obtain IRPs, be represented in meetings with management, have a fair and unbiased performance evaluation and be valued for their contribution to the campuses.

Their proposals have been divisive, only offering a small percentage increase to 2,000 handpicked employees in a few classifications in areas with the highest cost of living, and not including the rest of our 16,000 employees. They have proposed to dismantle and "gut" our IRP program because it causes more work to the campus HR departments.

All of this being done in a climate where we assisted the CSU in receiving the funds necessary from the Legislature to provide funding for our campuses and compensation. On our campuses where management numbers have almost doubled within the past five years, and those managers continue to get raises on an average of 17%. Did you read the audit done by the State of California? The CSU has blatantly used and mis-directed funds to provide management benefits and compensation with no oversight. Oh yes, and let us not forget the tuition increase they have imposed on our students who already graduate with huge debt - some as much as owing $100,000!

As we rapidly approach the deadline of our current contract, their Chief Negotiator did not even bother to show up yesterday at the bargaining table!

By now, hopefully you are asking yourself but What can I do??

1. First of all, get mad as hell. Then, get involved.
2. Exercise your right to your breaks, lunch hours - take the time that is guaranteed under our contract.
3. File for that reclassification or IRP that you have been putting off.
4. On Solidarity Wednesday, wear your CSUEU shirt - or wear royal blue.
5. When we do campus activities - meetings, rallies, etc. SHOW UP!
6. When we send out communications to sign petitions, send emails, make phone calls - take the time to do it!
7. And last but not least, make sure you are a member, and that those that work in close proximity to you are members as well. If not, hand them a membership card.

Your future depends on it.