Bargaining Update - Northridge

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June 27, 2017 in Bargaining, Union News, Updates

Update from sessions held June 20 - 22, 2017

The Bargaining Team met from of June 20 through 22 at California State University, Northridge. The bargaining team passed a number of articles in response to the CSU’s proposals. Articles 8, 12, 3, 9, 17, 18, 19 and a new Article X (Civility). The Bargaining Team passed Articles 11, 22 and 28 as status quo stays the same. The Preamble was passed to the CSU again but a very emphatic response from the CSU to reject it. They were very angry and responded rather nastily that preambles in other contracts have generated grievances.

In Article 18, we passed to the CSU and have tried to address the abusive schedules for the Athletic Trainers in Unit 2. Furthermore, we have attempted to meet with the CSU to bargain over this unique work that our AT’s perform.

In Article 19, CSUEU have attempted to address Exempt Employees workload and we have demanded that on call rotation list to be used, and inserted in19.19 that when Exempt employees are called back to work that the Administrator SHALL adjust their work hours.

The Bargaining Team received CSU’s response to Articles 20 (Salary) and Article 21 (Benefits). The CSU’s proposal for Article 20 is only addressing the Market, and they are using the 2% increase as part of the comp pool because it is being paid out of the next budget year (2017-2018). The 2% increase is something that we bargained in our current contract, and should not be considered as part of this contract!

Under Article 20 that the CSU passed to us, only about 2200 of our 16,000 employees would see any type of increase in year 1 of their proposed 3 year Contract!!! All other employees would receive no increase!!!

In Article 21- Benefits the CSU would like to see parking go up for ALL employees on all campus, the fees would increase $3.00 per year so the 3 years a $9.00 hit with most of our 2579 employees getting ZERO increase the first year of the Contract!

The CSU has asked for 10 years vesting for all new future hired employees in CSUEU approximately in July 2018. With nothing being offered to existing employees!

The CSU did state that in response to fears of increased costs to Retirement (PEPRA), they will not be seeking increase from employee’s contribution. This would have meant an increase for employees hired before 2013 of a 3% increase, and for employees hired after 2013 an additional 1.5 %.

Bargaining resumes this week at California State University, Long Beach.