CSUEU Audit Request Public Hearing on CSU Health and Safety Compliance Joint Legislative Audit Committee

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June 27, 2017 in CSUEU E-News, General News, Union News

CSUEU Audit Request Public Hearing on CSU Health and Safety Compliance Joint Legislative Audit Committee
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
9:30 am, State Capitol Room 447

The CSU Employees Union is sponsoring a state audit of the CSU’s health and safety compliance. Recent events show a disturbing trend that is threatening the health of students and CSU employees.

An informal survey conducted by CSUEU revealed employees working in hazardous conditions on a number of CSU campuses, including constant exposure to toxic fumes. It was also determined that campus health and safety issues lacked proper oversight or consistent protocols to protect students and employees.

At CSU Sacramento, a 10-month delay occurs before the campus community is notified of lead in the drinking water. Staff are also directed to clean-up a hazardous chemical spill without proper information, resulting in the use of the wrong protective safety gear. Employees involved in the clean-up subsequently report severe and catastrophic health problems.

At Sonoma State University, a former employee and certified asbestos consultant was subjected to repeated harassment and retaliation for reporting the presence of asbestos. A jury awarded him $387,895 in lost compensation and damages, and found the employee’s supervisor and the CSU Board of Trustees both liable.

A comprehensive state audit is needed to determine the full extent of hazardous conditions and counter the CSU’s lack of transparency – and the failure of the CSU to oversee, monitor and regulate procedures – that are adversely compromising the health and safety of CSU employees and students.

The CSUEU-sponsored state audit request will be heard by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on Wednesday, June 28 at 9:30 am in Room 447 of the State Capitol.

Testifying on behalf of CSUEU will be Kim Harrington, chapter president at CSU Sacramento, and Catherine Hutchinson, chapter president at CSU Channel Islands. There are several audit requests that will be heard on that day, and it is unknown when exactly the CSUEU request will be discussed.

How You Can Help: Report health and safety to your local stewards. They can file grievances or call CALOSHA for action. This information is also sent to our Legislative Committee (for audits and bills) and Bargaining Team (for negotiations and contract changes). Remember – JOIN OUR UNION! A strong Union creates a safe workplace.

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