Fundraiser for Sonoma State Employees

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Dear CSUEU Members and Community,

Devastating wildfires have swept across Northern California, destroying homes, communities and lives. Many staff, faculty and students at our sister institutions have lost belongings, homes and possible even loved ones. Our Community can provide some much-needed help through the Sonoma State Fire Victims Fund. This fund has been set up to help provide victims with the essentials to get them through this difficult period.


CSUEU Member Survey

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October 6, 2017 in Union News

After nine months of bargaining, CSU Management continues to devalue the work of our members by insisting on proposals that weaken our rights and offer only a minimal 2% increase, while granting themselves a 2.5% raise! We are outraged and this is NOT acceptable!

Please fill out the survey :…

California State Employees Association Member Benefits October 2017

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Go to:

Here's the scoop for OCTOBER 2017...

Kids Admission FREE in October!
Knott's Scary Farm Haunted Experience
Halloween Horror Nights - Dinner with the Dead
Get Your Home Holiday-Ready with Purchasing Power
Disability Income Insurance Plan
More Offers and Discounted Tickets

Kids Free in October!

CSUEU Call for Management Accountability Gets a Special Hearing

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August 22, 2017 in Union News

Show your support for CSUEU members who will be speaking out before legislators on Aug. 23! Proudly wear or display your campus logo on Wednesday.

CSUEU members can take proper credit for initiating a state audit of the CSU which raised red flags about excessive executive compensation and an inability to document how state funds are spent.

Now, state legislators will hold a special hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 23 and will hear directly from our member leaders.

Under Pressure, CSU Execs Struggle to Justify Poor Budget Practices

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August 25, 2017 in CSUEU E-News, Union News

CSUEU members from throughout California came to the Capitol on Wednesday to be part of a public hearing that left CSU administrators struggling and stammering to explain why management positions have increased at twice the rate of other staff positions, why campus budgets are not properly monitored, and why managers receive raises without any performance evaluations.

Bargaining Update----Contract Extension

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The California State University Employees Union, CSEA, SEIU Local 2579 (CSUEU) and the Trustees for the California State University (CSU) agree to extend all terms and conditions of the November 12, 2014 - June 30, 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement up to and including August 4, 2017. (See signed June 30, 2017 contract extension)

Future bargaining sessions have been set for July 20 & 21, as well as August 1-4.

Governor issues May Budget Revise

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2017- 2017 May Revision

Governor Jerry Brown issued his revision of the 2017 Budget where he cut $4 million from the General funds to offset the increase granted to Cal Grants to cover the tuition increase. Cal PERS was granted an influx of $6 billion to help offset pension liabilities.